Some Tips For Lightning Protection

Lightning strikes have long been referred to as a type of natural force that cannot be predicted. They also are seen as dangerous by people. A bolt may not only cause a serious injury but can be a cause of death as well. Additionally, homes that are without systems for lightning protection Dayton are more susceptible to irreparable damages. Luckily though, there are a lot of ways for how you can guarantee the safety of your properties.

Systems for lightning protection have been in use as early as the 1900s. Although they are different in terms of brand, they basically employ the use of similar parts to work. Among the most common types are air terminals or strike termination devices. Others parts include connectors, bonding conductors, grounding terminals and supports.

A lot of homeowners opt for the installation of surge protectors in order to protect the sensitive devices found operating inside their homes. Devices usually range from home entertainment centers to computers. These shall be plugged right into surge protectors which will in turn be plugged into the wall outlets. In cases of electronic overload, circuit breakers will open the circuits, causing a disruption in the electric flow.

You can also decide to get a lightning rod installed at the peak point of your home. For instance, you may get one installed above your chimney. However, if your chimney is one with a length or width of over 4 feet, then you might have a need for two rods instead. Install the rods using the special clamps that come in rod kits. You may also purchase these clamps off hardware store shelves.

It may also help to install copper wiring which leads from the rods on to the grounds. There are many kits that come with copper connectors. These connectors may be utilized to connect the wiring to the stakes pounded on grounds. Copper and steel stakes can provide safe grounds for where electric current from lightnings can pass through and eventually dissipate.

Although these systems aid in reducing the risks of structures or properties suffering from damages, they still cannot guarantee complete protection. Nature has long been known as something that cannot be predicted most of the time. Without protective systems, any solid material which is not conductive in nature can be subject to damages from fires or explosions.

Other than simply installing a system that will protect your properties from damages though, it is also recommended that you stay inside your home during a stormy day. Make sure that you tightly shut all doors and windows as well. Avoid taking or making a phone call as electric surges can actually enter your home through your telephone line or your electric wiring.

People must stay away from metallic pipes during stormy days. This is mainly because these have the capacity to conduct electric current from lightnings. Taking showers and washing of hands or dishes should be avoided as well to prevent being electrocuted.

All electronic devices found within the home must be shut off and unplugged. Homeowners should also know that danger is imminent even for those that are not situated where the storm directly struck. Those within 10 miles from hearts of storms may actually still be susceptible to electric bolts and thus will need a system for lightning protection Dayton.

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