Tears And Awning Repair Tips

Many have been thinking if there could be an easy way to fix their awning. You need not to go for a costly repair and spend too much. There are many ways how to fix it a cheap but effective way.

It can be repaired in many various reasons. The most typical reason is that the textile of the awning has been damaged in various reasons. And the most common cause of damage are the tears, holes and rips. For this reason it will demand an awning repair NJ or even replace a new one. It may be the textile itself is in good condition, and the stitches are needed to be attached again because it have become undone.

Bring or put a kit with you for repairing. It is a clear repair tape. There are also tapes that are not just clear but they also matches your awning patterns. Include in your kit a water resistant outdoor glue. Before you do it, make sure to clean it and remove molds and any dirt using a non-abrasive, water based fabric cleaning solution.

With your water based cleaning solution, clean off the top and bottom of the part that needs repair. Remember solutions in oil base does not really work for this. It is really important to get rid of all the dirt that you see. But, look closely and avoid making the damage bigger. Check also if there are parts of that has tiny holes or parts that are about to tear for an early prevention. Small tears or holes will soon enough become larger and worse.

Once it is already clean, carefully and slowly dry it with a washcloth or towel. Make sure it is dry and do not leave moisture there. You can also air dry it until the moisture is gone.

When applying the tape, put a board or place it on a flat surface under the tear. When you put a tape in a wrong kind of way, do not remove it. Removing it will make the tear or hole worse. Instead, apply another tape to cover the tear.

When the comes that the tear will become larger than two or three feet, that is the time you will be needing a patch that will match the patterns of your awning. There are many patches that will match yours. Use the patch and cut in a shape of square that is one to two inches bigger in length and width of the tear.

By using a sharp knife or a fabric scissors, cut the hanging or loose material from the edges. It will then create a smooth and clean finish. And lastly, put the waterproof glue in area of the tear.

Repairing will always be cheaper than replacing it to a new one. Repairing it can always be done by yourself. But if you are too busy to do it, you can always look for a repairer to fix it so that it will be in good working condition. Awnings are a big help to us, it can protect us from wind and rain, so we need to take care of it also.

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