The Best Refrigerator Repair Atlanta

Without a doubt, the refrigerator is one of the most commonly used home equipment in the kitchen today. It has several uses including keeping fresh produce from going stale for a number of days or even weeks. However, the unfortunate thing is that, it can break down without warning causing massive damage and wastage of food stuffs. When in need of refrigerator repair Atlanta, here are a few things that you should know.

All refrigerators use one simple basic principle of cooling and maintaining a low and constant temperature range within the enclosed compartment. There are many components which work together to make sure that there is a perfect environment within the refrigerator. The components include the motor in the compressor, refrigerant, evaporator, heat exchange coils, thermostat and the condenser.

Any of the above components can break down without warning due to various reasons hence rendering refrigerators inoperable. Some of these reasons include leakage of the refrigerant, motor failure, faulty power supply as well as damaged expansion valve which needs quick remedies. You do not have to worry since there are many expert repair technicians in the city of Atlanta, GA, offering quality repair services.

Since the refrigerant is in liquid form, any fraying on the heat exchange coils or pipes can cause leakage of the coolant. The easiest remedy for this issue is plugging the leaking area and refilling the refrigerant according to the instructions of the manufacturer. The technician will use a pressure gauge to determine the right amount of refrigerant gas to refill into the cylinders.

A faulty power system can cause refrigerators to stop functioning. The most common area of concern is with the GFI receptacle outlet which needs an expert eye to identify the problem and correct it as well as recommend use of regular receptacle if necessary. The electrical unit can also affect the light switches, temperature gauges and sensors including the fan. A qualified repairman can provide a lasting solution and bring back the equipment to life.

To reduce and maintain pressure inside the fridge, an expansion valve is provided. Replacing the damaged valve is the most appropriate solution. Motor problems normally affect the compressor operation. An aged motor is prone to break downs as well as over-usage hence affecting the functions of a compressor. To avoid frequent compressor failure, avoid overloading refrigerators while also replacing the motor after a recommended period by the manufacturer.

While looking for a service provider, consider the cost of repairs which should be affordable. Replacement parts can be obtained from other refrigerators which are no longer in use but some components are still in good condition. This can greatly reduce the cost of repairs by a huge percentage since you will not incur the expense of purchasing new components.

Experience, track record, reputation and cost of service are some of the important things to consider when looking for a repairman. Repair shops can be located using online resources in almost every location in the city of Atlanta, GA. Their websites have online customer based services. It is important that you read the online customer reviews including the feedback and testimonials which may assist you in making the right move.

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