The Carpet Stain Removal San Antonio Firms Offer Is Necessary In Many Situations

Carpets are a beautiful item to have in your home, apartment and even your office building. They do get dirty and a professional cleaning firm is the best choice when thinking about getting them cleaned. There are, however, certain issues that arise when dealing with the contamination present. That is when a specialist is needed for the carpet stain removal San Antonio home owners need from time to time.

There are a lot of misconceptions about dirty carpets and the difference between dirty and stained. It has to do with the definition of fiber and pile. The fibers are the individual strands of material, either natural or synthetic, that is tufted or blended in and through the carpet backing. The pile is the total of all of the fibers and how they are bonded together.

Most of the contamination you get is the dust and dirt variety. This sits on top of the pile or might be nestled down in between the individual fibers. These can be dealt with by using a floor machine, often rented from a grocery or home improvement store. There is the water extraction system or the dry chemical method and each works very well.

If there is a stain on the carpet, this is something that a professional technician must deal with. A stain is something that is inside the individual fiber. It has changed the color of them and makes them look differently than the rest of the floor. It may also smell and can grow in size. This is because it is not just sitting there, it has become a part of the flooring.

There are a few ways to deal with a stain and it is based on what caused the stain, how expensive the carpeting is and the budget of the client. Many of these are caused by food and drinks with a high content of substance that is a bleaching agent. Mustard is an example of this. There are two basic ways to recover from these stains.

Since an actual stain changes the composition of the fibers and makes the pile look different, special attention, in the form of dyes, must be used to correct this situation. Professionals should be called in for this. It is not recommended that someone, not trained and experienced in this, should perform this process. The expensive carpets can be ruined beyond repair if done wrong and less expensive ones can be mottled and not look good.

The secondary treatment is to replace the affected area with extra flooring or to cover it with furniture. Replacing that section of carpeting can be done fairly easily if there is a sufficient amount of material left over from the original installation. This may also look quite different than the rest of the flooring because of the relative age of the two sections.

Professionals will make a difference in the look and healthiness of your flooring. Whether it is just dust, dirt, allergens or germs and bacteria brought in from outside or stains. The treatments and processes are a bit different depending on the source of that contamination. Not getting it taken care of begins the process of breaking the flooring down.

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