Tips To Begin A Handyman Seattle Company

Establishing a business as a handyman Seattle requires a little research and some common business sense. Possible customers are everywhere. Anyone living in a home or apartment may need work done. A new entertainment center may need to be put together, a washer and dryer connected or a new flat screen television put up. There are any number of smaller jobs that can keep a handyman working.

The local and state government will have information about what licensing may be necessary. At the very least a business license will be needed and a fictitious name. The fees and forms are often available online. If a disagreement arises and the proper legal documents have not been obtained, in some states, it may mean an automatic loss for the handyman. This could lead to criminal as well as legal consequences. Investment in liability insurance will help guard against this as well.

A list of services has to be determined up front. They should match up directly with the persons skills. This is not something that is learned on the job. That is a quick way to lose customers and have them tell many people how bad the services were. If the skill set does not match then a partner or employee with that experience will need to be engaged.

One of the tools a new company can use is references. A new customer can call someone that has had work done and ask what they thought of the quality of work provided. They may also ask about whether or not the job was left clean or if the person showed up on time. These things are just as important as doing great work.

A reliable form of transportation helps insure that jobs are arrived at promptly. A truck or van can also provide the advantage of advertising the company. Painting the name and services and phone number is typical for this kind of business and offers perpetual advertisement for a one time cost. Be sure to arrive with all the necessary tools and determine if the company or the customer will provide the materials.

Marketing the business draws in the customers. This can be done through business cards, letterhead, brochures and more. A company cannot do without a website and people will use it to form an opinion of the business. The site should match the other paperwork. To get a quick response start distributing fliers in various neighborhoods.

To get recommendations from someone outside the circle of family and friends, get in touch with churches and local community groups. Many need work done and are not always able to afford them at regular rates of service. Offer to help with discounted services or with free labor. The work still needs to be done as if they were paying top dollar. They could be the very first set of references.

Estimating new jobs comes with the territory. The question is whether or not to offer them free of charge. Free estimates can get a foot in the door or folding the charge into the cost of the job. The handyman Seattle business can get off to a good start using the information above but selling the job will rely on projecting confidence and trustworthiness to customers.

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