Useful Tips On Lawn Bug Treatment

Insects and rodents are among the major causes of damages in lawns. They will attack grass and leave it looking brown or yellow, and in some cases dead. Rodents release harmful germs that will cause diseases that affect the grass. There are various methods of lawn bug treatment home owners can use to reduce or control effects of such pests. However, proper cultural practices are the best ways of preventing or managing bugs in lawns without causing side effects.

Most pests eat the grass and can make it appear yellow or brown. Where the grass is weak, this feeding by pests will cause it to die. One can identify infestation of pests by presence of small and scattered patches of destroyed grass. These merge after sometime to cause large visible areas of destruction.

Before settling on a certain remedy, it is important to establish the cause of damage. In some cases, it may not be insects at all since choice of the wrong grass species for a particular area or soil can lead to such death. In addition, the damage can result from poor cultural practices. This means treating the grass for bugs may be unfruitful or cause other serious effects. Other causes of damages that may be mistaken to bugs include dog urine, disease-causing pathogens and use of wrong fertilizers or herbicides.

Another important factor to consider before applying any bug treatment procedure is the kind of insects on the turf. Each insect will require different solution to eliminate it. One way of identifying the bugs infesting the lawns is the physical characteristics of the damage. Different bugs will do some specific damage and owners can learn such to help easily identify the predator.

It is also important to adopt remedies that will not destroy beneficial insects. These coexist with other pests but cause no serious harm to the grass. Good examples are predatory ants, blister beetles, rove beetles and ground beetles. There are also arthropods like springtails and millipedes which are useful decomposers and the soil will require such.

As mentioned earlier, you may never require insecticides if you adopt good cultural practices. Maintaining your lawn healthy can keep away most of the bugs. Always make sure to plant the right species of grass depending on your location. Physical practices like regular irrigation, fertilizing, thatching and ensuring proper light by cutting any drooping branches of trees go a long way in preventing insects.

In any case, if you spray pesticides on weak grass it can suffer from phytotoxic. This means you have only one sure remedy to bugs in your turf. Healthy lawns will only require few pest treatments, if any. When buying grass, ask the sellers to give that which suits the season you are planting. There are different species for cold and warm seasons, that should not be interchanged.

Another method of lawn bug treatment is known as biological control. In this process, you avoid use of pesticides or insecticides that kill the beneficial organisms. This increases population of some insects, invertebrates, and other microorganisms that feed on the harmful pests.

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