Weed Control In Compass Point City

Weed control refers to the botanical element of pest control, which aims at stopping weeds from offering competition to domesticated plants and livestock. Weeds that are usually aimed are those that are injurious or noxious. Several different methods of controlling weeds have been invented and they work with varying levels of efficiency. Weed control in Compass Point is offered by several service companies at affordable rates.

Weeds possess certain characteristics that make them not worth having among plants. To start with, weed plants may only have minimum value if they have any value at all. Plants are made valuable by being nutritional, material, medicinal, or energy sources. Weeds are also characterized by fast growth and easy germination. Finally, they offer competition to crops for water, light, space, and nutrients. The context under discussion is often based upon when defining the term weed.

Weeds compete to different levels with crops. How aggressive the competition is depends on factors like prevailing conditions and season. Weeds are usually harmless to plants when they are still young. Research indicates that the period that the weeds can remain harmless is up to three weeks. However, after that, their nutrient, space, water, and light requirements start to increase and competition sets in.

Seeding is one of the main methods of weed propagation. Among the weed species that are propagated through seeding are chickweed, cleaver, speedwell, hairy bittercress, groundsel, annual meadow grass, and fat hen. Seed production in these weeds happen in large numbers multiple times in a seeding season. Seed production occurs all year round in some species. All the seeds may germinate immediately or at different times. Seed dormancy can take several years.

Weeds can be controlled through several different methods, which include coverings, manual removal, tillage, buried drip irrigation, thermal, seed targeting, stale seed bed, and crop rotation. In addition to these, other methods include animal grazing and application of herbicides. Methods differ in how effective they are. One may use multiple methods if the area is large, but often one method suffices.

The method called covering employs certain covers called weed mats. These covers are applied on a piece of land to cover it, creating a hostile environment for the survival of the weeds. The covers prevent light, but may also prevent air from reaching the weeds. When the cover is left in place for several weeks, the weeds will eventually die off. The cover can be removed and transferred to a different part of the field.

The use of manual removal of weeds is also applied in certain places. The weeds are manually plucked out of the soil and disposed. One must make sure to pluck the weed from the roots to prevent it from growing again. This method can be very hectic and slow if the area is very large.

In rice paddies, weeds are controlled through irrigation. Water is applied through irrigation to soak rice plants completely. Since rice is resistant to water, it survives very well. However, weed plants that cannot survive under water are often chocked and killed.

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