When Should You Seek For Pool Leak Detection Service San Diego Area

As spring sets in, many people open their swim facilities. It is common for the owners to discover that something is wrong with their pools. If you suspect your swimming facility could have leaks, you need to consult pool leak detection service San Diego area to help identify the areas that are leaking. Leaks will occur within the plumbing system of your pools. They also occur within the shell of pools and from excessive splashing by swimmers or the evaporation from hot sunny weather.

Leaks not only derail the attempt of keeping the chemistry of water in pools balanced but also increase the utility cost. Once leaks develop in pools, there is likelihood of contamination of your waters. As much as you try to treat the water to keep its chemistry within the desired levels, minerals from the underground soils may hinder that process.

Before you realize, you might be footing hefty bills. You need to inspect around filter pads to see if there are obvious leaks. You may also want to check for drips and damp spots. With a steady drip, it could lead to loss of large amount of water overnight. When the leakage is located at the ground, the pressure from gravitational force may cause a lot of loss of water.

When sharp objects pierce the liners, they may cause openings, which allow water to drip and leak. Another common place where you are likely to experience leaks is the lighting fixture section. Water may escape through the lighting fixture especially if they are loose. It could trickle out and pass through the cords.

At times, leaks may not affect the water level if they are filling the housing of pool lights due to a crack or fault. However, this is one of the most dangerous defects because it could lead electrical shock. You know where there is electricity and water, the combination is not good. You need to ensure that such leaks are identified quickly and repairs done to prevent people from being electrocuted due to the contact of water with electricity.

Since it is difficult to identify such leaks by looking at the level of water, you may need to use specialized tools to detect them. When there is a leakage around the lamps and lighting fixtures of pools, the facility should not be used. It should be closed down until the repairs are done.

The sonic type of detection is applied alongside the pressure testing method. This can be helpful in the plumbing system of your swimming facility. The apparatus uses sound to detect where air is escaping. It also detects where water from pipes is running under the pool deck. However, the problem with this type of inspection apparatus is that it may not be able to find leaks that are occurring within the liners.

If your pool is designed with above ground vinyl liners, there may occur leaks in the liners. Most likely, the leaks occur in seams of liners, especially where the materials are joined at time of manufacturing. With qualified technicians who use state of the art equipment to test for leaks, you are able to know where the leakages are occurring within no time.

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