Wood Flooring Materials You Can Use For Your Deck

There are numerous reasons why home owners install a deck outside their homes and one of them is surrounding a pool or a pond. But with the different materials available for decking, home owners might find it hard to decide which material to choose. In terms of commonly used materials, the choices available for home owners include wood, shingles, stones and bricks. If you want to use wood, you can look for companies that offer quality wood flooring materials. Nowadays, wood flooring Singapore manufacturers provide different types of wood to help meet clients’ varying needs.

The are also various types of wood you can choose from for your timber decking in Singapore. If you’re not familiar with its varieties or you cannot decide which timber to use, the following is a list of wood types that are commonly used for decking:

Redwood – this type of hardwood is recommended for outdoor structures like decks because it is highly resistant to moist which often cause the wood to splinter, warp or decay. The natural color of this wood is reddish (as the name suggests) but it can be painted using a darker color to meet a person’s requirement.

Treated Pine – this is a type of softwood and is considered by many as an alternative to hardwoods. Pines and other softwood species are more affordable and easier to find than hardwoods. But since Pine is a type of softwood, it needs treatment with proper preservative thus the term treated Pine. Treating a wood Pine may get the surface slippery, thus doing a roughening by using a wire brush once in a while is needed. The natural color of a wood Pine is green. But a person can paint it with another color to meet his or her color preferences.

Ironbark – this type of wood also belong to hardwood species but it is more compact and heavy compared to redwood. Its thick, hard bark makes it highly resistant to damages and decays. No wonder it is considered the “ironwood” of the whole Eucalyptus genus. But since it is too compact, workers usually find it hard shaping and trimming this wood type.

Other types of wood that are offered by timber decking singapore suppliers and companies include Jarrah and Spotted gum, which both belong to hardwood species.

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