Cheap Options For Protecting Yourself From An Assault

Being an actor has long been my dream. While awaiting my big break, I make a living as a bartender at a nearby pub. I am pretty accustomed to going home at late hours of the evening that I have neglected how dangerous the streets can be.

Due to my carelessness, I was robbed immediately after work one evening and I didn’t like the hopeless feeling which I experienced. Even though I didn’t have the budget for a self-defense weapon, I had to find an affordable stun gun which I can buy for my protection.

A stun gun gives off an electrical shock to the body of the recipient when actual contact is made. This, consequently, is going to debilitate the target for several minutes. During this time, the would-be victim could try to escape and ask for help.

Small stun guns seem ideal because they are light, compact, and also easy for me to fit within my pocket. At the same time, these can be concealed inside the hand, offering the element of surprise. That way, the assailant will not have an idea that he’s going to get stunned.

I stumbled upon a Z Force 100,000-volt slim stun gun that I can afford. Its unique, slim design makes it easy to grip. It is equipped with a wrist strap and also safety switch, plus I got mine with a lifetime warranty.

Low voltage stun guns are sure to be non-lethal so I felt at ease with acquiring this kind of weapon. They create a milder stunning effect but will still get the job done of keeping me protected.

I learned, though, that all stun guns are non-lethal weapons. This means that the effects are just temporary so no lifelong hurt is caused on the target. Besides, these types of devices are not meant for picking a fight but rather to offer time for escape.

Amidst all the available personal defense weapons, I am glad that I was able to find an affordable stun gun. Even though times are tough, there is no reason for me to not have personal protection always.

Aprl A Tidore has been training people how to operate self defense products to defend themselves for years. There are many options, like stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms. He offers full support and instruction on how to operate the products.

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