How Senior Citizens Could Guard Themselves From Danger

I just celebrated my 60th birthday two months back. While I feel young at heart, I confess I’m not getting any younger. Admittedly, I feel sluggish and it doesn’t help that I currently get exhausted quickly.

My hubby stumbled lately upon a reliable Internet survey indicating that 1 from every 5 citizens over age 65 have become sufferers of financial scams. Apart from the figures, we know personally of peers who have been robbed in broad daylight. So, he took the initiative of registering us both into an elderly person safety program.

I was shocked to know that a lot of enrollees were at one time sufferers of elder abuse. Some of them preferred not to report the abuse for fear of being brought to elderly homes by their own family members. Nevertheless, I sensed the program offered them with a strong support group.

The six-week program covered a range of issues ranging from elder abuse to financial fraud, Internet security and also house security.

I was specifically interested in learning about home security because we did not have caretakers living with us. The trainer shared with us the significance of investing in wireless home security systems to keep our household risk-free. He pointed out acquiring strong railings in all restrooms and also stairways also, to be able to avoid instances of slipping.

Immediately after the first week of classes, my hubby obtained himself an alert system that included a trigger worn just like a necklace. Considering that his motor skills have been deteriorating, he’s at risk of falling. I’m scared that he might not get up one day. Thankfully, he can call for help easily making use of the personal alarm, in the event that he can’t get up any longer.

Being the manly person which he is, he likewise acquired himself a cane. He states he needs this to be able to feel safe whenever he does errands throughout the area.

It was a great decision for us to go to the senior safety seminar. Not just am I more aware right now of the likely dangers, I do also feel a lot safer.

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