Is Your Home Inviting to a Burglar?

Your home looks different to a burglar than it does to you, because a burglar looks at your home to see how easily or difficult it will be to break in and steal from you. Most people know they should work on making their home more secure, but many people do not name the effort to actually put into action what they learn.

This is unfortunate, because home burglaries are very common in our country. All it would take are a few small changes to how you run your household to make a big difference in the degree of vulnerability that you have when it comes to home invasions.

When a burglar looks at your house, he is checking it out to see how hard it would be to break in to it. He prefers homes that give the appearance of making his job easier, because he is mainly interested in being able to do his work quickly. He is not going to want to waste his time on a home that is hard to get into and which might make his chances of getting caught higher.

Take a look outside your home around the doors and windows. Are there many big landscaping plants near them? If so, these are creating perfect hiding spots for burglars. These plants make shields that hide crooks as they are forcing their way into your house.

Another way to increase the security of your home is to consider whether your doors and windows have strong, working locks-and whether or not you actually make use of them. So many times, a crook is able to enter a home through an unlocked window or door. Just lock your doors and windows, and you may prevent a break-in!

Crooks also notice how light or dark your home and yard is. In their mind, the darker the better because they like to work under the secrecy of that it provides. By installing bright lights both inside and outside your home, you will make your home very unattractive to burglars.

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