Protecting Your Home Even When You Are Away

Burglars stripped our upstate New York residence of the stuff they could take while we all were visiting our daughter inside Los Angles. Given that our nearest neighbor was a 2 minute walk away, our burglar security alarm was useless.

The burglars might have been caught in the process if there were some way of realizing our household was being broken into. We might have called 911. My cousin, Ed, then revealed to us what he said was the best DIY house security system for him. This was one of those wire free security systems and he mounted this easily himself inside his own house.

Ed said that by using his HomeSafe wireless home alarm system, whenever a burglar opens a door or window, this triggers either a door-and-window or motion detector, which sounds a 105dB alarm system and sends signals towards a base unit.

The base unit then contacts the very first telephone number within a preprogrammed list of as much as 5 numbers. This consists of Ed’s cellular phone number and those of his wife as well as three children. When he answers, then he will hear a prerecorded alert message.

He could listen to what is happening in the room, talk through the base unit’s speaker or disarm the system by remote.

But in the event that Ed doesn’t answer his cell phone, or disarm the system, the base unit phones his better half Sally next, and so on.

The system consists of a base unit with a programmable keypad, an alarm, AC adaptor, and also one door-and-window sensor with a wireless transmission range of around 250 feet. This features a motion sensor having a range of 8 yards and also a remote control key fob with a panic button for arming and also disarming the machine.

Considering that we installed one, we agree today with Ed. This particular alarm system is the best DIY home security system for us. Our house was broken into once more. Again, only the intruders heard the alarm set off but we were alerted right away from our hotel room inside Atlanta and contacted 911. On this occasion, they did not escape with anything.

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