Staying Ahead Of Danger Throughout A Predictable Commute

My husband and I can’t pay for a second automobile. So, he picks me up from work in his vehicle after he gets off his work himself. Every time he can’t, like whenever he needs to work late, I then have to take the bus home following a relatively short and safe route.

I have refused his wish for me to take the vehicle considering that both his job and commute are a lot more physically taxing compared to mine. And while I do desire a tried and tested self-defense weapon with me, where can I buy a TASER C2 anyway if that is what I am thinking of getting?

As far as I know, the TASER is the only long-range stun gun available on the market. It has a changeable cartridge filled with compressed nitrogen that tosses out a couple of darts secured to the device by wires 15 feet in length.

So, from a cautious distance of 15 feet, you can stop an assailant from moving forward any further. In case he jumps you from up close, the TASER will serve as a contact stun gun minus the wires in order to deliver a close-quarter takedown.

I have set my sights in particular on the TASER C2, an electronic control device or ECD able at offloading 50,000 volts into its target. It is supposed to immobilize a recipient quicker in comparison with 9-mm. handgun, say law enforcement users.

A TASER utilizes existing electro-muscular disruption technology to be able to override any degree of tolerance for pain because of an electric shock. If the aggressor is drunk or he is on drugs and perhaps numb to physical pain, the weapon is going to work just the same.

But, this is fused with established stun gun technology to be able to ensure that a TASER will hamper attackers powerfully although not permanently. Its effects are non-lethal and won’t lead to any kind of irreparable injury.

Now, where can I buy a TASER C2 in an economical package? One I have seen on the web bundles a basic black model with a live cartridge and a training cartridge and without the activation fee. I’m in search of something along those lines.

Ed O Telley has been training people how to use self defense products to protect themselves for years. There are dozens of options, including stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms. He provides complete support and instruction on how to use the products.

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