How To Choose The Best St Louis Granite Countertops

Granite, which a natural stone is extremely durable, beautiful and is used as a counter top surface in many rooms, like the bathroom and kitchen. Today, you will find many companies selling and fabricating granite, and literally, there are hundreds of styles, colors and variations of this building material available. To be able to make the most knowledgeable St Louis granite countertops purchase, several considerations ought to be made prior to making a final commitment.

It is important to visit a showroom in order to view granite varieties that can match your space well. Granite comes in many patterns, colors and styles. Therefore, before you buy the countertops, it is best to have a look at the different kinds so that you may choose the right in terms of taste and preference.

When buying the countertops, one should know that good artisans will fabricate by hand compared to large companies that perform the whole exercise by sue of machines. Even though using a machine is much easier and faster, it does not polish the edges well like hand-polishers. Most companies therefore wax the edges for a good appeal but it ends up wearing off. A good company is one that uses machines but also has staff to do the polishing physically once they are done.

Some fabricators, normally manufacture every piece on its own. Others put pieces together then try to fabricate. Note that, the edges will look much better when the pieces are manufactured preassembled. One should ensure that the provider he chooses installs the seams with a suction computerized machine. This will hold the material in place and level the closure better.

Find out if the company does the installs. Big warehouse chains do not manufacture or install. It is therefore good to use a local supplier who has his own install team. Third party and out of town installers are always engaged if you have a problem with your install. A local provider will support you much better.

When buying granite countertops, make sure you buy thick. The most used one is three quarters inches that is more fragile as well as involves laminate edges as well as supports. Even though this makes them a better investment, it will disappoint you later. Choose a one-inch countertop even though you will have to pay more, you can be sure of better quality.

It is also a good idea to look for hairline cracks and natural pits. They may add to the natural beauty of the stone but make it prone to damages particularly if the width of your countertop is less than one inch. Talk with fabricators to learn more about how the imperfections can affect the stone and whether they are dangerous.

It is vital to decide on each fabricator’s warranty policy. A majority will offer a lifetime warranty on workmanship. Ensure you review all the estimates and ascertain that which meets your needs well. Also, base your decision on the cost, quality of product and work, as well as referrals. This will come in handy when making your choice. With these tips in mind, you can be sure of a good purchase.

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