How To Choose The Right New Fundraiser For Your Non-Profit

by Juan Franco

One important decision to make before your new fundraiser starts is what you will do for your prizes. The success of your new fundraiser not only rest on the product line but also the prizes you choose. Schools can even include incentives for their teachers! Getting the help of a professional fundraising company is the best way to make sure that your new fundraiser will be on of the hottest things going. Fundraising companies run hundreds of uniques fundraisers per year and have great insight on the pulse of the current market.

Here are 7 things you can do to help you decide which new fundraiser to do and how to best to run it for your group.

1.) Quality… Always offer high quality products. Value is of utmost importance to your customers and community. Your new fundraiser will go much better if your customers feel that they are getting a good value.

2.) Support Materials… Take a look at the support materials that fundraising companies offer. Ask about the help you receive to organize your new fundraiser and take a good look at their sales material that your students will be going home with. An eye catching sales catalog will improve your sales.

3.) Hidden Costs… Are there costs that that are not redily visible which can come back and bite into your profits. Most fundraising companies do not charge for seller’s supplies or shipping, but you need to ask before you commit to their program.

One thing to consider is that not all cost to your group are bad cost. For instance if you are pitching in on the cost of a particular prize or two in order to offer it at a lower prize level than it would normally be offered, those cost will come back to you 10 times over in the form of extra profit.

4.) Free Sample Pack… Does your fundraising consultant firm offer a free sample pack? If so use this to evaluate the quality of your fundraising product line before placing an order.

5.) Policy… Make sure you know up front all the terms your fundraising company expects of you. What is their policy with regard to replacement of damaged items. Inquire about the fundraising company’s return policy too. This is a good time to cover with your fundraising company what you expect of them as well.

6.) Special Delivery… Will the product you choose to sell require special handling at delivery? Does the fundraising company expect you to have refrigeration available? Who is responsible for providing that is it is required. The last thing you want is ruined merchandise when a simple question would have made that avoidable.

One not so well known fact about frozen cookie dough however, is that it does not require refrigeration during the delivery. Simply choose your delivery area with a few key points in mind. Place the cookie dough in an area that is away from direct sunlight and away from any heat source. Brands of cookie dough like Chippery and Otis Spunkmeyer can be delivered without the need for refrigeration because sugar is a preservative.

7.) References… What kind of reputation does your fundraising company have? Get a list of previous customers and contact a random sampling of them. Ask them about the performance of your fundraising company.

Choosing the proper fundraising company is very important to your fundraising efforts. These Seven tips will help you to choose a professional fundraising company that will work with you to ensure that your fundraiser is an overwhelming success.

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