How To Pick Your Roof Repair Specialist

by Mike Gibson

Most of us think about a home as a single thing, but it is actually a collection of parts. A few of those critical parts, such as the roof, are not built to last as long as you might think.

The one part of the home that takes the biggest beating is your roof. The sun beats down on it. Rain tries to penetrate it. Wind tries to blow pieces off. Eventually, it will need work and you will need someone to do it for you.

The roof is vital to any home. Given this, do you think using unlicensed people to work on it is a good idea? Probably not, but people use handymen all the time and really come to regret it.

It rains one day during the summer. You notice you have a leak in the roof in one corner of the home. You think about getting it fixed, but blow it off. Hey, it is summer! Now fall is upon you and the fix is needed.

Most people pick someone to work on their roof by asking friends. More often then not, this results in the local handyman having a go at it. The work is cheap, but the leak comes roaring back with the first storm.

You call around trying to find the gent who did the fix, but have no luck. What are you going to do? At this point, you have to call a roofer and pay a lot more to get the roofer out onto your roof in the middle of a storm.

When it comes to roofs, trying to do things on the cheap only leads to failure. Roofs are integrated and complex platforms. A leak is often the result of a problem that is not readily apparent to someone untrained in roofing systems.

To be honest, there are plenty of people in construction that are unlicensed but do good work. Roofing is one area where this is not the case. Using only a licensed roofer makes so much sense it is ridiculous.

When you use a licensed roofer, you get someone who is insured and who should be willing to guarantee their work in writing. Yes, guarantee. They should also use materials that come with additional 30 or 40 year warranties.

So, you have a choice to make. Do you want to rely on someone who might do the job right and might be around if there is a problem or do you want to rely on someone who definitely does everything? In the middle of a storm, the answer will be clear.

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