I Designed My Own Wardrobes

One of the things that I like to do is interior design. This is because it lets me express myself freely, to create an environment that reflects who I am while at the same time inviting people into my home. Therefore, whenever I have to move houses my primary concern, is the amount of space available as well as the extent to which I can play around, with color and furnishings to create that ideal home. When I recently moved to a new house that I have worked hard for many years to buy, I was excited not only because I was going to do the decor, but because it was a dream come true.

The first thing I do, is to actually pick the colors for the residence. I went for yellow paint for the living home as this can be the area, where lively arguments happen all the time. I designed all the rooms carefully keeping in mind all eventualities , such as the who would live in the room and what the room would be used for. For each room I experienced matching furniture that complimented the general attractiveness. The components ranged from mirrors, to chairs amongst other goods.

Using the experience I had, I moved on to choose the household furniture for each room. For the living place I brought in TV stands, in addition to a coffee table to make certain that anyone sitting down here is cozy. I also created a pleasant kitchen table, inside the dining region that included a giant pine table and its accompanying chairs. The table was huge enough to not merely accommodate my family of 2 adults and 2 children, and also many of my friends. For my bed room, I used an enormous wooden bed that had lovely bedding on it. Furthermore, I integrated a dressing table since I really like putting make up on , and drying my hair just before I go to bed. For a lot of storage of my garments, I also needed a wardrobe.

This is certainly a decision I had to make because a standard wardrobe would be sufficient, I understood the place was so large and for that reason I wanted to get a custom wardrobe. This was a brilliant concept for the simple reason that I had been able to find furniture, that matches everything very well in my bedroom while meeting all my storage demands leaving the room wanting so neat.

I did the same for the children’s bedroom except that I did not include a custom wardrobe. Instead I introduced a cabin bed because I knew this would perfectly help them to manage to keep away all their clothes and shoes, so that their room remains tidy. Finally, I also had a pine table in the kitchen because my daughter and I like to spend some time together, discussing issues affecting her while we enjoy a good meal or even ice cream. So having the table here would ensure that we carry on with our tradition. Besides, the kitchen had so much space that the inclusion of the table did not in any way affect the cooking area. In summary, while most people prefer to have professionals furnish their new houses, it is possible to do it on your own.

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