In Hard Times Economically does MOR Vacations Make Sense?

by Lucas Trottier

Things can really seem out of hand these days. With big banks getting huge government bailouts, and with almost every consumer good at a higher price then ever before ,how can it be considered a good time to join a travel discount club? While it’s obvious, companies like MOR vacations, are popular because of their incredible discounts, and huge range of savings, but how does the rough economy make the option of getting involved even better? I have an interesting perspective, that not only does it make sense to get involved, it actually is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the current financial crisis. It all has to do with taking charge of your money.

Money is a lot of things to a lot of people, but almost everyone should agree that it ends up giving people the power of choice . The amount of money you have dictates everything from what kind of vehicle you drive, to where your family are able to live, and especially how you get to spend your time. Now that’s real power. In general it only makes sense to have an abundance of money. Not for any vane reason, but because it is only then, you can decide exactly what food you want to eat, or any of the other important choices we make in our lives. Of course money is not happiness, nor is it love. It’s more like leverage for attaining what you want for yourself.

I tend to think of the passions that we each have, as the real value in our life. One very important way to insure that we can spend the time necessary to pursue our passions is to have enough money. Think about it what other thing can make it certain that you can do what you love to do? What could be more concrete for making sure you can do the things you desire, than knowing without a doubt that you have more than enough money to live with abundance. I call it a self evident truth ,and there aren’t many out there, but the ones that are have the highest importance.

How does MOR Vacations work to create the abundance you need to live the life you want? It works by allowing people to manifest high levels of wealth. It’s really that simple. Now, when I say abundance, keep in mind that not everyone who joins is going to make millions of dollars right away. What will happen is every single person who takes action with the company, will receive back, real wealth ,based on their efforts. This means that like most other things, what you put in, you get out. This is no magic pill that fixes all your life problems at once. It is however, a real business, with a brilliant payment plan, a great product, and a proven track record. It does work. In fact ,if you put in the work the result becomes only a matter of time.

One of the more important questions I often get, is about whether the business is ethical. I really enjoy it when I’m asked that, because it’s a serious concern for me as well. I’m very pleased to say that this company does nothing but improve lives, period. So first consider the product. It is a membership, so there’s no need to produce any sort of material item that might be polluting in it’s creation ,or distribution. Then it makes travel and vacationing more accessible to people who usually can’t afford to go to the amazing destinations, even some right in their own backyards. This is important, because people need to be able to slow down, and really enjoy life, for them to even know what their passions are. Finally it has a huge payout to the people who treat it like a business…….with the consistency and the effort you put into things that you know really mean something.

I am proud to be able to help anybody interested in improving their financial life, for the better, or even just giving them the power to have more and better holidays with their families. I am also proud to be a member of an entire team of people working in cooperation for the same goal. I believe in the idea that anyone, can with right effort, and right choices fulfill their hearts desires. The first step is to be able to take the time to listen, and hear what is in your heart. I would be honored to be able to answer any questions and to help anybody takes some action steps towards achieving just that.

To the best that you can be cheers Lucas Trottier

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