Is Position In A Genealogy Important in the New MOR Vacations

by James Eng

MOR Vacations is the newest business opportunity on the Internet today introduced by conference call host Johnny Bolton on August 8, 2008. It offers a high value travel membership and commissions like no other. In its pre-launch now, MOR Vacations is becoming the fastest growing company on the Internet.

This new opportunity has attracted a huge number of affiliates who has signed up to get in on the ground floor. Many want to position themselves as close to the top as possible, but are there really any advantages to being near the top than being on the bottom of a mlm genealogy?

Simply speaking, a MLM genealogy is just a lineage record of people in an organization. Beginning with a single person, group, or company on top, it grows wide and deep below as new people join the organization. Each new member, in turn, starts a new line below them that grows as wide and as deep as the new member have time to sustain them.

Contrary to popular belief, a position near the top of a new mlm genealogy does not insure success or financial wealth. More important is “when you got in” and “who you are under.” With every new opportunity, quick analysis should be made as time is of the essence to move forth or not. Once in, massive action must be taken to market the business. Also choose wisely the person “who you are under.” He can lead you to financial wealth or to financial ruins.

MOR Vacations is set to launch on October 1, 2008. It has attracted thousands of customers and affiliates already with its high value travel product and generous commissions. These are the two key elements to look for in any good business opportunity. Once found, it should not matter where you are on the genealogy line. What matters is to get in on the opportunity and make the very best of it.

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