Local Mobile Home Project

by Eric Slarkowski

Mobile home renovation can be done regularly to keep the home looking in top shape. Minor repairs can help with the upkeep, but a renovation can really spruce up the look of an older mobile home. The smaller size of a mobile home allows you to create a renovation project that is easy to handle and something that you should be able to complete. That is not to say that there is still some tricky parts to the renovation just as with a house.

One major renovation that often occurs in a mobile home is the addition of a space. Many times a family grows and a new room is needed. Given that you have the amount of lot space to expand you should be able to expand. Additionally, you may consider opening up the space and knocking out a wall. It is important to understand that in a mobile home the walls are not just dividers for each room, but often also serve to support the roof. You should try to familiarize yourself with the general construction of the mobile home before you start doing any renovation.

Another issue with mobile home renovation is that it is very easy to cause unwanted openings. The thinner construction can mean an accidental hole where a rodent or other animal can gain access to the home. Be careful when dealing with the floors to prevent this from happening. Removing walls are one thing that can cause floor damage. Also removing flooring can do this too. Always repair any holes in the floor right away.

Adding a porch is another common renovation. This is much easier than adding rooms or removing walls. You should be able to easily design and build a structure for your porch area. Just make sure you build as a solid unit that stands alone from the mobile home and does not rely in the mobile home for support. Supporting it on the mobile home can cause damage to the mobile home. It can be connected but not supported by the mobile home.

Mobile home renovation is something that can be quite fun. Since mobile homes are built much differently than a house, they are often easier to renovate. Small changes like adding window curtains can be done easily and even large projects are not that difficult or expensive. It is not a huge hassle to update your mobile home and keep it looking its best.

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