Maid Agency Hong Kong – How to Choose the Right One

People like you who are in urgent need of a housemaid would surely like to get one as soon as possible. In order to get someone fast with the assurance of quality service, what you can do is deal with a maid agency in Hong Kong. They have various profiles of domestic helpers for you to choose from. They will be the one to process all the necessary documents the housemaid of your choice would need in order to get to your home. Below are things that you should consider to know if the agency you’re dealing with is the right one for you:

Make sure that the company will provide free replacement just in case the maid you hired has to leave your home before she can even complete one year of service. They should also do this if you would not like the service of the housemaid that you just hired and decided to return her to them.

You should not be given a minimum period of time to return the housemaid that you hired. If you will find out that she is not fit to work in your home, you can return her to the agency right away.

Make sure that the company is operating legally. You can look for their credentials, such as permits and certifications to know if they are accredited by the law. You can also verify their legitimacy to ensure that you are dealing with the right agency.

If the agency will oblige you to shoulder the food and lodging of the housemaid that you will hire, that agency is not a good one. The food and lodging fees that the worker used before she was taken to your home should not be included in your obligations.

Make sure that the agency charges a reasonable fee. Do not pay more than the standard rate. Why pay more when you can pay less for a quality service?

Find out everything about the fees. A good agency will not hide any fees from you. They will also provide a contract and write everything in black and white to ensure legitimate transactions all of the time.

Even the best maid agency in Hong Kong could not guarantee you that you will get the perfect housemaid for your home; however, it is still crucial to transact with the right company to avoid future hassles that may cost you more in the long run.

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