Make your Garage More Useful

by John Bakers

Most people end up piling things up in the garage. In fact, it has been discovered that most people do not even use their garage to store their vehicles, but rather to store old junk. A garage has endless possibilities for how it can be used, but above all else, it should be used productively, not as a storage bin. By cleaning and installing storage areas, your garage can be turned into a useful area of the house and no longer be an eye sore.

Adding Storage

The addition of storage units in a garage is the first step to getting it organized. You can buy a modular storage kit that has mix and match parts which allow you to create the storage units you need. You can use it to store almost anything. It keeps things off the floor and neatly organized into separate compartment.

Cabinets, shelves and racks are also great tools for storage in a garage. They can be hung or placed where needed to organize areas of the garage. It is a good idea to also get some plastic storage containers. These keep clutter hid away and nicely protected form animals or moisture.

By using storage, it keeps things put away. When you have a specific spot to put something it is easy to put it away than just set it down. It can really help in keeping the garage from getting cluttered again. Besides that, it helps to keep things protected so they do not get damaged.

Getting Started

Once you have chosen storage to use you can begin to put it up and start cleaning out the clutter. You should begin by removing everything form the garage and going through it. You will want to separate out items in categories – garbage, storage, needed. Garbage items will be throw away or donated. Storage items are things you do not need except on occasion. This might include things like seasonal items. These can be stored away in spots that are not easy to get to because they do not need to be used often. Needed items are items that you use a lot. They should be put in areas that are easily accessible. Once you have finished sorting you can install the storage compartments and begin putting things away. It helps if everything has a special spot. You will find once you are done that it is much easier to find what you need and your garage actually looks like a garage again.

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