MLM Prospecting: Phone Interviewed Leads against Long Form Leads

by David Lawrence

Long Form Leads do cost less than Phone Interviewed leads, often much less. People regularly ask me if it is worth paying the extra money for the Phone Interviewed lead. Here is my thought process on choosing which mlm lead type to use.

Let’s focus on ROI as the answer to your question. By splitting ROI into 2 different categories you will begin to understand which lead type will be the best for you. 1) Time – How much time do you have to contact the leads? 2) Money – Your marketing budget. What type of a return on your investment would you like to see?

First, understanding how a Phone Interviewed Lead is generated is the key for you to make your decision. Usually a live call center operator will have to call through 20-30 web surveyed Long Form Leads to generate one qualified Phone Interviewed Lead.

A call center representative has to go through wrong numbers, unisterested people, and other variables before finding someone interested in a Home Based Business. In reality, the call center representative is doing the early sorting and sifting for you.

If time is your most valuable asset, paying the extra money for a call center to prequalify the leads for you, might be worth its weight in gold in making better use of your time prospecting. Another variable to consider is that this type of lead tends to be a lot less painful of an experience for a new marketer just learning the trade.

Let’s focus on the bottom dollar factor. You will need to do a little more tracking if money is the deciding factor on which lead type you will be purchasing.

You might have to call 3 to 4 times as many leads to make the same amount of contacts as if you purchase Phone Interviewed leads, but at the end of the day if you are spending less for the return you receive in commissions, long form leads might be the way to go.

Let’s bring you back to thinking ROI. It will be important for you to know how much each single lead is truly costing you. If you have to purcharse a significantlly larger amount of Long Form Leads to have the same results and thus spending more money, then you may need to try the Phone Interviewed Leads

I feel that the best course of action is a balanced once. Time and Money are both important and finding a blance between the two will allow to have more success. Do your homework on lead providers and look for lead specials as they are out there.

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