MOR Vacations Means MOR Vacations, MOR Travel, MOR Money

by Catherine Willis

MOR Vacations is the promotional leg of one of the world’s most complete travel clubs. MOR Vacations was born from the need of the industry to have a travel business that actually allows everyone to join regardless of their money situation.

MOR Vacations originally thought of the competition advantages to come up with the best vacation club and business on the market. Because of this, MOR Vacations was able to beat the competition and create a truly competitive marketing plan to compliment the lifetime luxury resort club.

MOR Vacations will open its doors on October 1st, 2008. MOR Vacation is now on its pre-launch phase and already thousands of members have been added since August 2008. In network marketing timing is everything.

MOR Vacations founding members, those who join before October 1st, are on the right track to success. MOR Vacations came in a time where the industry needed something better. MOR Vacations members are taking advantage to this timing to make a lot of money fast.

MOR Vacations, like any reliable income opportunity, has a start-up cost. However, MOR Vacations offers 100% financing at 0% interest to everybody with a FICO score of 449 or more. MOR Vacations will also give a $1001 discount to cash deals.

MOR Vacations is a great addition to the home-based business community.

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