MOR Vacations: Travel Networking at its BEST!

by Matt Willis

Johnny Bolton “bolted” the famous travel network he used to be with in favor of another and the travel network “gods” have been angered?! Is this for real?! Let us tell you, it is. How did we know? Well, WE JOINED HIM. Welcome aboard at MOR Vacations, where we make MORE Vacations possible!

Why would a seasoned and sought-after Internet Marketer break free of a perfectly stable, perfectly alright travel network that pays quite well, just for another company, that upstart new travel network company, MOR Vacations, even though it’s truly a breakthrough, brand-spanking-new company? Is it all about money? Is about the people? What gives?

What if we tell you that it IS about the people? You. The person who would want to invest in a travel network that works, in a travel network that people won’t refuse, because it’s only too affordable for words.

Why would WE bolt the same company for MOR Vacations? Simple. Because we have a vision to help and you might be one of those who could benefit from this vision.

We know that America is in a state of recovery from the financial devastation that had come upon it. We know that you might be one of those who have been devastated by the recent economic downturn. But as they say, even in great famine, the greatest opportunities are born. And MOR Vacations was born right at the height of this economic turmoil.

MOR Vacations is one GREAT opportunity you cannot afford to miss. You do not need to pay thousands of dollars for a travel membership you might not get to take advantage of! How would it sound, if we told you you just need to pay $898 for instant LIFETIME membership that gives you the opportunity to be a partner and even earn commissions? How does it sound, for you to pay only $149 for short-notice vacations? Excited? Well, everything’s exciting up at MOR Vacations!

It’s an opportunity you should NEVER pass up, right? All it takes is for you to visit our website: we’ll even grant those with a FICO score of 449 and up a 100% financing plan.

This amazing opportunity is sure to pay for itself over time! But wait, there’s something we need to tell you… This opportunity won’t be at this same obscene price after October 1st! Do you want to miss that? No?! Then hurry! Join us at MOR Vacations now!

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