One Of the Best Home Decor Accents

by Amanda Maseko

The kind of decor people use in their home tells a lot about what kind of person we are, whether we want to admit it or not. Both the strong likes or dislikes of our personalities can be easily determined by paying attention to the way our homes are decorated.

A good example might be the way our more practical sides show up in the way we design storage space in our kitchens. At the opposite end of the emotional spectrum are individuals who desire nothing more than a restful night after a hard day’s work, and it is likely that their lounges will be decorated in warm and neutral colors.

In terms of a bedroom, if you decorate the place in wild reds and luxurious satin, this is a good indication of another type of personality entirely, though perhaps not one that that everyone will see. That is a very important tip to keep in mind – always plan a different type of decor for the private areas than you would areas that the public will see frequently. You might decide to have a party, for example, and won’t you want to have definite separate between private areas and the areas open to the attendees?

As bedrooms are seen only by a select few people, many people choose to go ahead and splurge on the decoration. A very popular part of any decor is flooring, and the type of floor that you choose will depend on how highly traveled your floor is. Floors, however, are not exempt from showing what type of personality an individual has, as the color and substance of the materials you choose can be excellent clues in what kind of personality you have. Wool carpets are great for the bedroom, but a hard laminate is better for the hallways.

Your personality will also be evident in the accessories you select to complement your decor. Guests in your home will often have their opinion of each room easily swayed by the type of lighting you choose. A tool that you might want to use is the spotlight, which can either be used to give a nice warm glow, or light areas that truly need it. This can be carried through in the way you decorate the rest of your home.

When you wish to highlight specific items – such as treasures that matter the most to you – spotlights are helpful, as are single light fittings. Mood lighting may fit the needs of a minimalist decorator better, however. Remember, when you are choosing the decor for your dwelling, you are giving a great insight into your mind and character to the outside world, so pick carefully!

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