Passport To Wealth – Business Review Scam

by Brian Turk

Passport To Wealth was founded by Darren Gaudry. This home based business sells their products through direct marketing. As a member you have software that helps you with Internet marketing and the software bundle will cost you $997.00 from the affiliate site of Passport to Wealth.

The Passport To Wealth business claims their software is worth $75,000 at a price of only $997. In addition, you also have the right to re-sell the software. This sounds like a pretty good concept, since it is great to purchase the product at a price of almost $1000.

Passport To Wealth is known for the “aussie 2 up” compensation plan. The startup cost to join is $997, and you receive the Internet marketing software and training material immediately after becoming a member.

It’s now time to make your first two sales. At this point you are hoping that your sponsor mentors you with this business, because they make almost $2000 ($997 X 2= $1997). This is where have to pass-up your first two sales to your sponsor. You may be new to Internet marketing, and need all the training your sponsor has to offer. After your first two sales your home based business has now just cost you approximately $3000.

After you make your first two sales you can now start to make money but now you have become your sponsor’s competition. You hope you have learned everthing you needed to from your sponsor in the beginning. At this point you may find it hard to reach your sponsor, because they are too busy helping their new people with their first 2 sales.

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