Patients Are Seeking Assisted Living Tucson

It is not uncommon for older people to move to Arizona in order to take advantage of the dry air. As such, many of them will be seeking assisted living Tucson rather than residing in a retirement home or hospice care. They will find a variety of options available to suit their health needs, whatever they may be.

Because Arizona has a very dry, warm outside environment, those suffering breathing conditions such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease find it an ideal place to live. The lack of humidity makes breathing much easier. This can result in a better quality of life and less dependence on portable oxygen.

The application process to obtain a unit is pain-free and uncomplicated. The employees are familiar with the needs of certain patients, especially those who must have a person with Power of Attorney to sign contracts for them. Many apartments are available on a sliding-scale with rent being based on the income of the resident.

The one-bedroom apartments are of a comfortable size for those who prefer to have a sitting room separate from their sleeping area. Many even have dining nooks or breakfast rooms where a dining table can be placed. For those with issues walking, or simply wish to have a smaller space to care for, one-room efficiencies are available.

Some units provide a tub and shower combination. However, for those patients who have trouble navigating a bathtub, a unit with a walk-in shower or bath tub can be provided. One thing that all of these apartments include is an emergency cord in the bathroom which can be pulled if the resident should fall and cannot get to a phone. There are often other cords in the apartment to alert emergency services, depending on the needs of the resident.

A great benefit of this type of housing are the scheduled social events that the residents can enjoy. There is dancing, sewing, exercise, and religious services available for anyone who wishes to take advantage of it. Old age no longer needs to be a time of loneliness or isolation from others, and there are activities available for different patients with different physical or mental handicaps.

There are both units and entire complexes designed specifically for people with walkers or wheel chairs. In addition, there are services available for people suffering mental status changes such as what occurs with early stages of Alzheimer disease, or after a stroke. It is an ideal way to approach independent life in the shadow of a catastrophic illness or event.

Regardless of their reasons, assisted living Tucson is an excellent option for anyone who wishes to maintain their independence, but still needs additional assistance and care. Family members will feel secure knowing that their aging parents or grandparents are in a healthy and safe environment with others in their age group nearby. These communities are often located near to hospitals and doctors offices, and transportation is provided to those who are no longer able to drive.

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