Perfect Camping Solution: Multi-Room tents

by Greg Hansward

A family outing into nature can be fun and beneficial for everyone, however private space on a camping trip is slim and this can lead to frustrations. Much like at home, a family could find themselves battling for space. However, there are new family-sized tens that are manufactured with up to four spaces inside of one tent. They are, of course, not sound-proof, but they offer a modicum of privacy in an instance where there usually would be none.

The early family-sized tents made were not ideal. They were constructed so that there were front and back spaces and the only exit and entryway were through the front sections. Therefore, everyone would be bothered by the sounds of people coming and going in and out. But now camping parties that has very young children or pets can have individual room to sleep and live in.

Today’s constructions of tents make it so that a family-sized one has exits in the front and back. Also, more space in between sections and a center space where gear can be stored are also available on certain model tents. Some models even come equipped with a floor. This floor acts as a barrier between the camper and a location full of rainwater, bugs, and critters.

So, purchasing a family-sized tent for a big family who takes regular outings is a good investment. But for a family who camps infrequently, this might be an impractical purchase. But, the sometimes camping family need not fret. There are several camping sites that will allow families to rent a camping tent. So, instead of buying a tent, using it rarely and then trying to get someone to buy it. And most camping sites offer really sensible prices for the rental.

Families who take a quick weekend trip to a camping park usually use a tent that is 12-foot by 12-foot, which can house up to four people. This is incredibly cheaper than a hotel’s cost for a weekend. For several families, the single space tent became a problem as the children aged into their teen an adult years. So these families would stop camping. However with multi spaces in the newer model tents, a family can keep a tradition of exploration going for many years to come.

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