Phenomenal Tile Patterns That Are Sure To Impress

Tile is word renowned for the effects it can have on a home. However when working with it you’ll first need to know the top tile patterns and what they each can provide if you are to have a successful installation. So here are five that always provide serious results.

For something a little different you may want want to consider a pattern that creates the illusion of movement. The most commonly used of all tile layout patterns for this purpose is known as the pinwheel. By placing four small square tiles strategically around a larger one it has the appearance of a pinwheel spinning in the wind.

A vintage look can be a great choice particularly if you are partial to a classic feel. The checkerboard is one of the best tile installation patterns for making one. All you have to do is alternate white and black tiles to end up with a space that looks similar to a chess or checkerboard.

Often times rooms of the house may be a little to narrow for your liking. This most often is the case with bathrooms, foyers, and even hallways. For adding the appearance of width the diagonal tile pattern is an intelligent option. The tiles are set at a 45 degree angle so that you see the widest part of the tile. This tricks the eye into thinking it is looking at a space that is much larger than it is.

Something which looks cohesive is a very popular goal of those installing tile in their home. If this is something you would like too, you may want to try the running bond layout. It is also often called the brick pattern because it the same thing you’d see on a brick wall. Every tile begins at the mid-way point of the tile in the row below it. Since it needs to use rectangular shaped tiles it is always one of the favorite subway tile patterns and works amazingly well on backsplashes.

Many people are interested in an installation which appears to be set at random. However there is actually a much better idea than placing your tiles down without a plan. The best way to accomplish this is by using one of the most complicated tile floor patterns known as the Versailles layout. With the help of tiles of various sizes it gives the appearance of an area that looks totally random yet evenly balanced.

These 5 five tile patterns can help you to not only meet but surpass your goals. Just take some time first to decide what those goals are to make your selection even easier

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