Popular Indoor Plants – In Focus

by Kent Higgins

Most plants that are grown indoors are from the tropics, but there are some that may be found in the region local to the homeowner. The choice of plants that can be used to beautify a living space, no matter how small or large, are manifold and are only limited by your taste in decoration.

Popular Choices

One very popular choice of indoor plant is the Angel Ivy. This plant can be arranged to form various shapes and is commonly used to make a topiary ring. It is a living decorative framework of vines and blooms for any area of the home.

The braided ficus tree is another popular choice for the indoor garden. Its braided stems, usually four, are a great conversation piece and most decorative. The stems are usually braided manually and the effect is stunning.

A herb garden in the kitchen is also a great idea. Placed on the counter top near a sunny window, they are ready to be used in cooking to add a special touch to any dish. Such mini herb gardens are suitable for any herb, provided the herb is not too large.

Care For A Tree?

Many people are attracted to the idea of a bonsai tree. These miniature plants are often crafted from tropical plants and the growth is severely controlled through the constant pruning of leaves and cutting of the roots. This style of planting originated in Asia: many examples of bonsai from that region are several centuries old.

Some species of bamboo as well as Peace Lily can also be suitable indoor plants. There are many varieties with leaves that range in color from yellow to green. Plants that are called “lucky bamboo” are not actually bamboo at all, but they are nonetheless popular indoor plants as well.

The smaller species of palm tree are also suitable indoor plants. The sheer number of these plants and their extensive variety make them very popular choices and they are extremely useful as a decorative feature, especially as a specimen in an attractive container.

Flowering plants are also extremely popular as they can also be used as a table centerpiece. Indoor flowering plants are usually the smaller varieties of those we see in outdoor gardens.

These are just a few examples of the popular varieties that are commonly used as indoor plants. Most indoor plants need optimum care for them to survive indoor conditions.

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