Prevent Mold In The Bathroom For Health’s Sake

by Adam Peters

Mold growth happens even in the cleanest of bathrooms. The right environment of moisture and warmth is all that it takes to see this happen. Because the bathtub and the shower are good places for warm water to condense, it is the ideal place for mold to grow. Fungi grow here and that leads to mold spore growth. There are several things that you can do to prevent mold.

Condensation: Less Moisture

Condensation should be avoided whenever possible. To make this happen, be sure that your bathroom has an extractor fan placed in it. This will pull the moisture out of the air in your bathroom and remove it. Opening a window will only blow the moisture around, not get rid of it.

A good way to spot condensation problems is to use a dehumidifier in the room for several days. This will remove the moisture from the air and stores it in a water reservoir. If the reservoir fills up quickly, especially after your showers and baths, then this means there is enough moisture in the air for condensation and methods need to be used to stop it.

What’s In The Bathroom?

There are some things that can help encourage mold growth. For example, if you have rugs in there, you may want to remove them because they are an ideal place for moisture to be stored. Look for those bathroom floor coverings that do not absorb water instead. You should not have potted plants in the bathroom either as you need to keep the soil moist, adding more potential moisture to the room.

More Considerations

Another problem to consider is the bathroom leaks that are often found. Even minor leaks can cause enough moisture in the room for mold to be grown. To check, see if the pipe work is dry. Check your shower and bathtub seals as well. They should be sealed tightly so that no water can enter them. Consider your bathroom tiles as well. Ceramic tiles are cool and that means that condensation is easily attracted to it. To avoid these problems try using the right products for prevention such as using cladding which is a specially designed product that remains warm when you touch it, therefore preventing moisture from building up. This type of waterproof paneling works well in the bathroom. Other products that you may have in your bathroom such as a drywall ceiling can actually suck moisture in that can cause mold even if it looks dry! Prevent mold by preventing moisture in the bathroom.

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