Quick Way to Make Cash Online

by Joseph Then

Make money online? Ever thought how easy it can be? Yes, it is possible to make money online, easily.

In this article, I will share with you one way in which you can make money online easily. Well, before that we will need to say something upfront.

1) If you think you are going to make $10 000 in a month, well, you are dreaming. 🙂 However, as a good start, you can make at least $500 for your very first month.

2) You will not need to spend any money. If you want better results, it’s just a domain name and web hosting which can be acquired for less than $20.

It is very simple to make money and here’s one simple method. You can make cold hard cash by blogging. I will introduce to you 2 companies that will pay you cold hard cash just by blogging.

Firstly, you need a blog. You do not have to pay to get a blog. You can just go to Blogger.com to make one. For better and long-term results, you can an buy a domain name and setup a WordPress blog under your web hosting account. However, if you are just starting I suggest you use Blogger.com. What are you waiting for? Start blogging.

Have a blog ready? Good, now sign up for these 2 companies: www.sponsoredreview.com and www.payperpost.com

In these companies, here are 2 groups of users. They are the Advertisers and bloggers (which is you).

After signing up with these 2 companies, you are then required to submit your blog to them for review. Once approved, your blog will be available for advertisers to review your blog.

If they think that the contents of your blog are interesting enough, they will request for your permission to make a blogpost in your blog, and you have to link to their website.

Here’s the fun party, you will get paid for at least $5 to as much as $200 per post! If you have an established blog, you can command a price of $200. Of course, as a beginner, settle with $5 per post first. As you spend more time blogging, your blog will become more ‘valuable’ and you will be able to command a better price in a few months.

You can get 1-2 requests per day to post on your blog on average. Now, we shall calculate how much you can make. If you get one request per day, and one blog post will get you $5, you can get at least $150 a month. You can get $150 per month just for a few minutes of work.

My best suggestion is that you should submit at least 2 blogs to each of the companies so that you can get more exposure. And the chances of getting selected is also a lot more. Another advice; have a blog that is general topic in nature so that you can get much more exposure.

Have a specialized blog of your topic too. If you are interested in investment, have a blog on investment and you will attract advertisers who are promoting investment related products and you can command a slightly higher premiums to write a post.

Do yourself a favor and start a blog now! You can make big bucks as soon as you start a blog. Good luck!

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