Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinets for a New Look

by Leroy Calstard

Remodeling your kitchen and bathroom is a popular and practical way to update the look and convenience of your home. It also adds to the resale value of your property. Despite the benefits, issues involving plumbing, wiring and the sheer number of new appliances that may be required in kitchen and bath renovations can quickly turn the project into a costly endeavor.

A simple way to give these very important spaces a new look on a small budget is to consider a cabinet renovation. Since the cabinets are frequently the focal point of both of these rooms, refinishing or repainting them will give your space a brand new look for less. This home renovation project can take a good deal of your time and sweat though, so it is a good idea to evaluate your cabinets thoroughly before putting in the effort to redo them. If you would rather get rid of them eventually, perhaps you should just hold off until you can replace them completely.

You should be absolutely certain that the effort you spend to update your current cabinetry is going to pay off. Take a very close look at your current cabinets. Confirm that potential problem spots like gaps between the cabinet and the wall, unsound doors and broken drawers can be easily fixed during the refinishing process. It is also a good possibility that some antique cabinets are just not going to refinish cleanly, no matter how much hard work you put in to them. However, after close inspection, you might instead decide that a refinishing job will do the trick. If this is the case, you should then proceed to start wading through the wide variety of choices in finishes and colors.

There are so many different ways to refinish bathroom and kitchen cabinetry, and not all of them are just a matter of applying paint. If the cabinets in question are caked with dirt and grime, you might want to bleach them before you take the trouble to go any further. If bleaching just does not do the job, you can go a step further by stripping the layers of finish and paint from the wood and reapplying the same. If you are happy with the color and grain of the wood of your cabinets, you can just stain the surface and apply a coat or two of polyurethane for protection. If you would rather have an entirely new look, then pick a palette that is going to compliment your existing decor and get to work. You can choose to get very creative with this and use painting techniques like sponging, antiquing and ragging for a bit of the unexpected in your kitchen or bathroom. For more information on this, check out companies or businesses that can help you with these renovations such as your local home improvement store.

Redoing cabinetry can be a good project to consider when you think about renovating your kitchen and bathroom. Let your personality guide your next kitchen or bathroom remodel with the cabinets suited to your unique taste and talents.

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