Save A Structure With Building Movers New Hampshire

There are a number of reasons for moving a structure from one location to another. This can range from relocating a historical building to moving a well built structure because of highway construction, a redevelopment project, or other things. When it is necessary to undertake such a project, building movers New Hampshire companies, who are experts in the field, should be contacted.

Thanks to the expertise of these movers, many historical properties have been relocated and saved. Some of the notable ones include the 1851 moving of London’s famous Marble Arch from Buckingham Palace to Hyde Park and 1974 when a building eight stories high, weighing 7,000 Metric Tons was moved 95 feet to a new location. One of the most famous occurred in 2006 when Egypt’s Statue of Ramesses II was moved to a new site. This statue weighed 91 tons and was 36 ft high. These kind of moves have preserved history that might otherwise be destroyed.

Moving a structure, such as a house or large structure requires professionals who are experts in the field. Up to date equipment, such as radio-remote controlled dollies and a Hydraulic Jacking System, is a requirement. In addition, they must keep abreast of the latest in house moving technologies to stay on top of changing trends.

When contacted for a moving job the first thing that must be done is to check with the city regarding permits and which routes through the streets are available. The latter is extremely important because of rush hours and other times when there is heavy traffic. When city approval is reached, the electric company must be contacted to make sure there is sufficient overhead clearance along the way. Often the electric company will have to raise their lines.

Care must be taken to be sure that the location the structure is being moved to is properly prepared. This includes such things as clearing the ground and preparing a proper foundation. This foundation may be a cement slab or a regular basement but it is essential that it is the proper size to fit the building being moved. This part of the moving process is taken care of by the property owner.

It is especially important that the new site have easy access. In other words, it must not have sharp curves, high banks, or other problems that would hinder properly placing the structure. The mover is responsible for checking this, as well as the moving route, prior to starting the journey.

With all the permits taken care of, work will begin to prepare the building for the move. The first step is to disconnect the electricity, plumbing, and sewer connections. All the openings, such as windows and doors, are checked and re-enforced if needed. Machinery is then put in place that will raise the structure off the ground.

When all requirements have been completed, actual moving begins. Primarily a steel framework is positioned under the building and, with hydraulic jacks, the structure is raised off the ground. Wooden beams are added until the desired height is reached and then the structure is placed on a flat bed truck or hydraulic dollies and is ready to move. Companies who specialize in this business, such as building movers New Hampshire, are aware of all the steps needed to make such a move in a fast and efficient manner.

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