Secret Weapon to Funnel Your Exit Traffic For Additional Profits

by Henry Zeng

Have you noticed a shocking truth of your site visitors? If you have a deep look at your site traffic stats, you will find that most of your visitors weren’t even reading your web pages!

The fact: 75% of the visitors spend 10 seconds or less on web pages on average.

But even if your visitors have decided to move on without opening their wallets, they are still valuable as potential customers, to you or to someone else.

I see exit traffic a way for you to offer your surfers something else that they might be interested in, if they did not find what they were looking for in the first place, and it is a way for you to increase your site revenues at the same time.

Many marketers funnel their exit traffic to another site or a affiliate link by popping up a small browser window, which allows them to get another chance to monetizing the visitor before he is out of their control.

You’ve probably seen them before, but there really aren’t much of them any more because most people think they were simply too annoying. All kinds of software is available nowadays with a feature which automatically detects any kinds of popups and blocks them before you see them.

But a FREE software called Psychic Pops perfectly deals with this problem:


After I made some small changes on one of my squeeze pages with this smart software I found the result was amazing! I got 412 additional subscribers to my list and quite a few sales with no extra effort on my part!

Psychic Pops is a really smart desktop software can grab your visitors back when they try to leave your website.

When it detected that they are thinking about leaving this page, it displays a unblockable pop-up hover to show a message of your choice to remind them “Don’t leave to fast!”

You can have them join your list, fill out an exit survey or simply direct them to another site.

Now I just made this software available for everyone to download here (some websites even charge 80 bucks for similar software), and it also comes with a master resell right that anybody can sell it for 100% the profit:

P.S You have a chance to get the much advanced version plus a few bonus for $14 only at the one-time-offer there.

And I’m also offering instant affiliate commissions to your Paypal account to make you recoup your investment as quickly as possible. Give it a look.

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