Shutter Hinges Then and Now

by Peter Wilson

In window hardware, shutter hinges are just a piece that keeps the shutter fastened to the wall, isn’t that right? It is actually not true. Shutter hinges offer much more to your home improvement than simply as a fastener. By learning more about how you can use this piece of window hardware, you can help to make the most of your home improvement project.

Changes in Style

Nowadays, shutters are mainly used for the aesthetic look of the home, but there are other uses for them, too. In the past, window shutters were mainly used for more functional purposes, including protecting the home from storms and extreme weather by allowing the house to be shut up.

These exterior shutters were made to be closed from the home’s interior by simply pulling them closed and securing them with a latch. When they are closed, they helped to protect the glass from storms and weather conditions. In some parts of the country, these shutters are still used to protect against weather, especially in areas that are hurricane prone. These help to protect a homeowner’s investment during a hurricane or bad storm.

Shutter hinges have changed with the different uses of the shutters. You can find hinges that are function and stay hidden or you can find ones that are more decorative, like those in the past. Whichever style you desire, you are sure to find them in your local window hardware section at the home improvement store.

There are two different styles of shutter hinges that were used most commonly. These include the Mortise hinge and the strap style hinge. Each of these hinges has their own design and style. The Mortise shutter engine is the most fancy of the two. It resembles the shape of an “N” and it helps to fasten the shutters to the wall. They are normally made of cast iron, which makes them very strong and durable. They swing open and closed very simply for added function.

The strap shutter hinge features a bar bracket that is wide and then begins tapering as it reaches the shutter. In many cases, there is a decorative feature at the end of the shutter hinges, most commonly a spade shape. This is to enhance the look of the shutters.

Shutter Hinges For Today

Replica and reproduction shutter hinges can allow you add the style of the past to your new or remodeled home. If you prefer a more contemporary look, then you will be happy to know that there are more modern styles and designs available as well that offer a clean and contemporary look. Other options include a nickel or brass hinge that is simpler in style and not quite as ornate. These hinges can act much like jewelry does for a person to accessorize the look of the windows and the home.

If you are looking for a substitution for blinds or shades, then you will be happy to know that shutters are an option. They are available in many different materials to give you the look that you desire for your home. No matter what window covering ideas you choose, you will be happy to know that you can give your home a new look and new life with window shutter hinges.

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