Steps To Making A Photo Doll

Dolls with photos attached to them are one of the in things right now because it is personalized which means that one may take it with him wherever he goes. The great news is that one does not need to go to a store to make one. As long as he knows how to do some basic sewing, he can create a photo doll at home.

Now when one would want to come up with this sort of thing, the very first thing to do would be to of course have a photograph that would be turned into a doll. Now this may be the photo of a love interest, a relative, or just about anyone. Now if one has a picture that is in the computer, it is recommended that he print it using some photo paper.

After he has decided on the picture that he would want to use, he now has to cut out the piece to attach it to the doll figure later on. Now do take note that the face has to be just about the right size to fit the head of the figure. No one would want a face that is either too big or too small for the head.

Now after cutting out the face of the picture, one has to make sure that the picture is kept sturdy. Now in order to do this, one would first have to get himself a small cardboard. Once he has gotten that small cardboard, he must cut it out to fit the picture and then stick it to the back of the photograph.

Once one has already done that step, then he may put the small picture on the side of the table for awhile and then concentrate on making the figure. Now he may design the figure just about anyway he would want depending on his creativity. He may make a very simple design or he may make a really fancy one.

Now if one does not know how to stitch one together, then he may get a pattern from a book or the internet. Once he has a pattern, then he should just follow it and then fill the figure with some cotton or other stuffing. From there, just stitch everything together until a miniature doll is already formed.

The next thing to do now would be to stitch the photograph on to the head of the figure. Now during this step, one has to be a little bit careful because if one would pull too hard on the threads, the photograph might get a little damaged. So just stitch the photo to the head very slowly and carefully.

When one has already finished doing this, then one may have a little fun decorating the doll. In this step, one would now have to add some accessories to make it look really beautiful. One can put a wig on it or create some clothes for it so that it may cone alive.

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