Storm Safety General Information And Facts

Talking about storm safety you’ll be including things like flood protection and what can happen in your area with the wind. Tornadoes prone areas will have storm shelters to consider. Hurricane targeted coastal areas will always have higher ground in mind when a storm is predicted to hit.

If you live in an area that’s prone to tornadoes. Your probably well aware of the precautions that must be undertaken in order to ensure survival in a twister. Shelters are often constructed for just this reason. Alternatively the best place is in the bathtub with a mattress over the top of you. Basements are another alternative.

Your climate conditions will make a lot of you storm safety precaution decisions for you. Also how remote you are from stores and supplies. You’ll need to decide how long it is you could possibly be on your own if power fails or conditions have you socked in. Organize a plan of action with the whole family so everyone’s on the same page before any disaster hits.

Make sure you add up any rations your stowing away according to how many people will be in your party. If there’s six in the family then figure out how much you’ll need for you and multiply by that many. Fresh water should also be a major concern. This can be stored in milk jugs and each person should have at least a couple of gallons. We can go quite a while with little food but water is necessary for survival, even for a few days.

Most locations will have seasonal issues that homeowners have to deal with. This will be specific to the climate you live in. Use the warmer weather seasons when there is very little threat of anything going bad weather wise, and take that time to prepare. Knowing that you and your neighbors are not always that lucky and that you could face inclement weather at any moment.

Make sure the household has a list of every emergency phone number you would possibly call in an emergency. Keep this near a telephone. It should be somewhere everyone in the house knows it is. Finding the numbers quickly can save precious time if it’s imperative you get that call out.

Storm safety will be different in every location. The one thing that successful plans will all have in common, is early preparation. Make sure you’ve covered all the bases. You’ll rest easy knowing you and your family will have the best chance possible, of surviving any emergency.

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