Sweet Deal: MOR Vacations!

by Matt Willis

Have you heard? Johnny Bolton left his company in favor of MOR Vacations? Why would Johnny Bolton want to leave his position in a perfectly good place in another travel opp? Why would other affiliates, who seem comfortable with their position in this company, want to join MOR Vacations with him?

MOR Vacations is not just another travel opportunity. Wrap your brain around the thought that to join MOR Vacations, you only need to pay $898, up until October 1, 2008.

Sounds… Phenomenal? Well, MOR Vacations IS the newest Internet Marketing phenomenon. Would you still wonder why Johnny Bolton left *** for MOR Vacations? Would you want to take this opportunity with MOR Vacations too?

In signing up with MOR Vacations, we would help set up your accounts, provide excellent customer service to the point of setting up even your autoresponders for you. Sounds awesome? MOR Vacations IS awesome! Sweet? Awesome-ly sweet!

What if we sweeten the deal further with telling you that for those of you with FICO scores of even just 449 and above, the company MOR Vacations represents would back you up with 100% financing?

Sounds like the sweetest deal you’ve come across? Join MOR Vacations today!

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