The Advantages Of Countertop Resurfacing

by Jeff Glasser

There is no law that states a kitchen remodeling project should always be more than you can afford. You can save a lot of money and hassle with countertop resurfacing as opposed to replacing your kitchen countertops. Countertops are heavy and have a bad habit of clinging to everything, including the kitchen sink. By just resurfacing, you can avoid the labor and panic of trying to completely remove them, let alone replace them.

You Can Do It Yourself

Although there isn’t any other law stating that you have to do all of the countertop resurfacing work yourself, this is one home remodeling job deemed safe for beginners. But if you do hire someone to do it, they won’t need to stay in your home for weeks on end. All that needs to be done is to remove and replace the laminate from your plywood countertops (if they are plywood–and most are). Before you lay any new material down, be sure to sand the wood smooth.

There are other choices for your countertop resurfacing. You can install ceramic tiles over the old countertops. You can also polish the old stone or other solid material countertops to give them a brighter and fresher look. The countertops are a focal point for the eye when you enter a kitchen, so just investing in countertop resurfacing can transform your kitchen into something cozier and sexier.

What Size?

Many kitchen countertops are made to size standards, which makes countertop resurfacing easier for both the professional interior decorator to the beginning do-it-yourselfer. Laminate material is man-made and still relatively cheap and easy to find. For its size it’s incredibly thin (only about a sixteenth of an inch). It comes in many colors and patterns that can be found in practically any hardware store.

If You Do Hire A Professional

You do need certain tools to do countertop resurfacing properly, namely a glue spreader and a paint roller. There are some large chain hardware stores like Home Depot that do rent tools out. If you would rather hire someone else to do it, make sure you know if they need to remove or adjust your backsplash or even the kitchen sink in order to get the job done.

Contact your accountant after getting all of the paperwork and a written receipt for your countertop resurfacing. Sometimes, countertop resurfacing counts as a home renovation, which may qualify you for either a tax credit or tax rebate, depending on the tax laws for where you live.

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