The Best Party Foods

by Tia Dipaola

There are many excellent party foods to pick from. It depends on what kind of party you want to throw. Finger foods go over well at all parties, and they are typically quick and simple to prepare, and simple for your guests to hold.

Crackers with cheese swirls on top, vegetable plates with dip, and fruit plates with dip are great party pleasers. A cheese and meat with crackers tray is also a popular starter food. Set out several kinds of chips, pretzels, and dips to let your guests munch on.

If you are looking for a hearty and filling fare to feed your guests, try an easy meal of Chili, and dish it up crackers, sour cream, onions, and cheese. This is a good meal for a chilly winter day, or for football gatherings. Crock pots can make food making easier; make some meatballs, barbeque beef for sandwiches, and a hot soup. A buffet is the best way to serve larger groups, using pots filled with different foods that your guests can choose from. A fresh meat, cheese, and bread platter to left guests make their own cold sandwiches is always good, just be sure to set the condiments out.

If your dinner is a formal affair try an easy soup or salad to start off dinner, and then serve grilled steaks, with baked potatoes and a vegetable. Lobster is a great formal party food as well. Dessert can be as simple as a bowl of mint ice cream served with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

If are throwing a kid’s party you can use everyday foods to make a party feast. Kids love anything downsized like small burgers or hotdogs. Serve some chips and they will be happy. For dessert make some large cookies and decorate with funny faces using frosting and candy; a sure crowd pleaser

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