The Final Residence A Baby Boomer Can Expect To Buy

Baby boomers today are buying new homes intended to last them till their dying days. These types of homes that the baby boomers happen to be pursuing don’t have the high-tech 21st century gadgetry as you would expect.

This type of innovative home is quite energy efficient, cozy and sturdy. It’s going to endure such acts of God, as hurricanes and earthquakes, along with noise, fire, wind, snow, rain and sun. 24 hours a day, this home will deliver fresh air, as well as complete comfort. It can easily deal with the tropical storms of Florida in addition to the extreme cold of the Canadian North. The floors are body temperature warmed, and the walls possess three inches of styrofoam insulating material on both sides of airtight, steel reinforced concrete cubes. There is a series of piping that can be found five feet underneath the ground, which brings in fresh air. The powerful Low-E Argon windows do not need to be open simply because the pipes provide cool air during the summer months and warm air during the winter months.

The air that will come into the home is strictly monitored and filtered. By making use of computer models, only this idea alone will cost 11% less over conventional heating systems. The technology observed in this advanced home is offered in homes being built today. It will contain an energy productive air conditioning system, tank-less water heater, insulated concrete forms and radiant heating flooring. You are going to receive strong protection from hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires and wind because of the steel reinforced walls. The walls usually are solid enough to filter out sirens and traffic noise.

You won’t experience any sort of floor squeaks, drafts or rattling windows. Energy price savings and substantial comfort levels are actually there because of the insulated concrete forms. Based upon the style of the home and the dimensions of the windows, there could be between 35% and 60% savings on energy. The tank-less water heater will certainly supply hot water on demand. It’s extremely convenient and also it is very cost-efficient. It truly is an easy home to add a total system for using solar energy, allowing you to have full independence from the energy grid.

The cost of this type of home is about 10% more than conventional wood framed dwellings but the long-term savings and comfort certainly outweighs the initial cost. This is certainly one residence that you will want to do some more research on, before you make your mind up on your next house.

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