The Secret of Liberty League International From an Insider

by George L. Kenney

Liberty League International, is this opportunity all that it is hyped to be? I’ll take you through a point by point discussion and you can be the judge. Please keep in mind that I am someone who has invested tens of thousands of dollars in this program so I feel that I have some knowledge that might be helpful to you before you make the same decision.

The entry level product is “Beyond Freedom” which is a 90 day personal development course. It consists of a workbook, journal, dvd, 3 cd’s. wristband, goal cards, two pens and a pad of sticky notes which have beyond freedom on them. The retail price is $1,495.00 plus $30.00 shipping. The company gets $495.00 plus the $30.00 shipping and your sponsor gets $1,000.00 “profit. Is it worth the price? You can do a lot of “personal development” for $1,5200.00 and you can learn from the best.

The compensation plan is an over-hyped. The business model is based on the Australian 2 up. Simply put you’re told that all you have to do is pass up your first two ‘training sales” to your adviser and then something wonderful is going to happen. Everyone you sponsor is going to pass up their first two sales to you and those two people will pass up their first two sales, and those two will pass up their first two sales. Don’t believe it, instead Google ‘Australian 2 up” and please read the information for yourself.

Another thing to be aware of with this compensation plan is the fact that after you have passed up your “training sales”, your adviser has no vested interest in your future earnings. Do you really expect to be receiving a lot of advice from them? Also, when it comes to getting new members, now you and your adviser are competing for the same prospects. Does this sound a little flawed to you?

You will be encouraged to purchase both a Liberty Conference (3 day) and a Summit Conference (5 day) ticket. The Liberty ticket retails for $7,995 and your adviser, if they are “qualified” will earn a profit of $5,000 for the sale. The Summit ticket retails for $12,995 with your adviser earning a profit of $8,000. You are told that the reason you should do this is to capitalize your business properly. You are also told that you must take this step in order to be able to qualify to earn future profits on purchases of these tickets by your associates.

The process can be somewhat confusing. First you hear that you can start this home based business opportunity for only $1,495.00 and the next thing you know you learn that in order to earn like the champions you’ll have to capitalize your business with another $20,990.00. The business model is also somewhat complex because your adviser must have four people on their register after you purchase either the Liberty or Summit Conference tickets in order for you to “qualify for profit” If they are not actively marketing, which many are not, you’ll have to pass up these sales in order to qualify yourself. This means that you’ll also be passing up as much as $65,000.00 in total “profits” to your adviser. How does that sit with you?

You should always do some research on your own. You might want to Google “Liberty League International” for starters. Check out the first page and you’ll get an idea of some of the issues that people are having with Liberty League. Next, might I suggest that you Google Australian 2-up, you might even find out about a class action lawsuit which has been filed. All in all not a pretty picture and you might want to do much due diligence prior to investing.

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