The Universe Can Help You Make Money From Home

by Kelly Heldreth

In an article a little while back, I discussed the similarities between achieving your goals and the GPS systems found in a lot of cars. Give it your destination and the GOS will take you every step of the way to your destination. GPS can’t help you get anywhere if you don’t tell it where you are going.

When you put together the Top 3 Goals list, I reminded you how it is key to connect your own feelings of desire with the goals you want to achieve. The more desire you can direct towards achieving your goals, the better the chance than you can make it happen for you. In this article, I’d like to expand on this idea a little bit.

Desire is one of the most powerful emotions we feel as human beings and has the power to turn the impossible into possible. It is the emotion that dares people to do what everyone says is impossible and gets us out of bed in the morning. When we want something bad enough, we will always figure out a way to get it.

When you feel intense desire, that emotion or energy is emitted to everyone around you, including the Universe, and attracts circumstances and people to help you. Support can literally appear from nowhere because the Universe is rearranging circumstances to accommodate your desire.

This is why it’s really important to connect with your feelings of desire when focusing on your goals. The more desire that is attached to your goal, the more power it holds. It works in this way because the Universe is actually designed to respond to your desire and assist you in reaching your goals. It does this for every human being, without disrupting the desires or goals of others.

If you have the Universe working for you, then you’ll have no trouble arriving at your destination. If you go for the goals which truly match up with your desires, the Universe will make sure that you get there.

If you really want to quit your job or change careers in order to create a better life for you and your family, it’s actually easier than you think. Think about this – if the Universe is designed to respond to your desires, then you can be assured that anything you do with desire is sure to be supported. This is why people who pursue their passion are so successful. It is also why it can be difficult to achieve true success pursuing a job or career doing what doesn’t make you happy. It may feel as if you are going against the grain.

Change is something which most of us find hard. The fear of change is why so many of us just stay where we are, no matter how unhappy it might make us. Changing your career or any other major part of your life is going to take some adjustment, it’s true. Those of us who have families to provide for are especially resistant to change, even if their situation is an unhappy one. It is important to make sure your family is well taken care of, but it’s not worth spending your entire life miserable for.

There’s no faking it here . you can’t fool the Universe into supporting you in goals that you don’t want. Connect with the goals you really want and begin taking steps toward them.

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