Tips For The Proper Operation Of Bruno Stairlifts

Disabled persons have taken advantage of Bruno stairlifts Los Angeles. The equipment is designed to hide the mechanical components and keep the grease away from clothes. The disabled or elder persons can sit comfortably in the chair and have it transport them up or down the staircase.

The proper upkeep of the device is essential for it to be functional for a long time. Thus it should be subjected to regular cleaning and greasing. All the parts should also be inspected regularly to make sure that everything is in place and running.

A stairlift that is well lubricated makes sure that it is running smoothly without the bumps and stops as it traverses up or down the stairs. The chattering noise is usually an indication that the gear rack needs to be cleaned and greased. To make sure the correct lubrication is in place, run the machine to from the landing for a least five times. Check for presence of debris such as hair and dust along the path.

Remove the debris by vacuum or hand held brush. Add the right amount of lubrication to the rack teeth of the gear using white lithium grease. This oil usually comes in a bottle with a nozzle for easy application of the right amount to a specific area. To apply, stick it to the teeth and squeeze.

Light coats of oil are recommended for all teeth attached to the gear. For tracks attached with nylon teeth, only the teeth are lubricated. If the assembly for the track is made of steel, the whole system needs to be lubricated. The belts for the conveyor is also lubricated if it has gone dry.

The power of the machine usually comes from electricity. It is either plugged in a power outlet or provided by a battery set. The battery set is consumed if there is sudden outage and no power comes from the outlet. If the battery is used, a fully charged set usually provides power for at most 36 hours or 15 up and down travels from the stairs. The battery sets are rechargeable. If the set is no longer charging, it should be replaced by a new one.

To replace the pack, you need to purchase the appropriate set specified for your device model. The packs are usually two batteries of 12 volts each. Check closely the charger and determine the correct placement of the battery sets. The charger is located in the same outlet as the electricity power source.

Remove the damaged set from the charger. It usually pops out after one end is pulled out. The new pack is placed after the old one is removed.

Make sure that the corresponding positive and negative signs on the ends of the battery packs are followed. This signs are located at different ends of the battery at the top portion of each side. The corresponding signs on the charger is usually located on the ends of the depressed portion of the charger where the batteries are placed. These batteries can be found in any store that sells supplies for Bruno stairlifts Los Angeles.

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