Twitter is hot – 7 ways to make it sizzle!

by Matt Hellstrom

Do you know what Twitter is? If not, you should – it’s one of the hottest web 2.0 things going right now! Twitter is a website that enables you to send out little “micro-blogs” of 140 characters or less to anyone that’s following you (that’s like friends in Facebook). You can let people know what you’re doing at any time, and this can be pretty cool. These messages can be business or personal, and should be both.

If you’re building a web-based business, some of your “tweets” should be business-oriented. For instance, if you post a new entry to your blog, let your twitter followers know. If you’re watching a webinar that might be helpful to others, let them know.

At the same time, if you just post business-related activities, people are going to think that’s all you care about and you’re going to lose them. There’s a reason that web 2.0 is called “social networking”. It’s because you need to be “social”, talk about nothing or everything, and let people know who you are. I know, many people are totally wrapped up in their business, to the exclusion of pretty much anything else (including a life), but you need to find something!

Maybe you liked Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight. Maybe you’re a fan of the Yankees. Or maybe you hate the Yankees because you’re a fan of the Red Sox. Maybe you’ve got kids, ride bikes, volunteer at a soup kitchen, etc. Let people see the real you, and they’ll probably like what they see.

There are a few ways to make your twittering more effective and efficient. I’m going to give you seven ideas about what I do.

1. Find a bunch of people to follow. What you need to do is find someone that has similar interests as you and follow everyone they are following. Eventually, you’re going to get to the point where you’re following 2000 people, and twitter won’t let you follow any more. They must have some kind of system where they limit you to 2000 unless you have more people following you, because I have seen people that are following more than 2000. Here’s what will happen – if you follow enough people, many of them will follow you back. At that point, send them a friendly message, and invite them to take a look at your blog.

2. Follow your followers. Before you know it, people are going to start following you that you didn’t follow first. Go ahead and follow them back, and send them a tweet with your blog address in it. If you can’t follow any more because you’re at the limit, delete a few that don’t have pictures and haven’t followed you. Those guys probably aren’t too serious about Twitter anyway. This brings up my next point.

3. Make your site you. Write a blurb about yourself, and include something personal, not just your business stuff. Put a picture on there, show your blog address, and add a background. Don’t forget, you’re trying to be social even if that comes hard for you.

4. Go into your Facebook account and add the Twitter application. You’re not on Facebook? Well fix that problem now! You absolutely must be on Facebook if you’re serious about social marketing, it’s that important. The way that works is when you make a post on Twitter, it will post the same thing on Facebook. Twice as many people will see what you’re doing with the same amount of effort.

5. Check out This is a program you download to your computer that sits on your desktop and display tweets from others without having to have your browser open. Of course, you can post your own tweets there, too. One neat thing about twhirl is it has a built-in url shortener in it. If you have a long link to post, you might now have enough space. In twhirl, you can just enter the link into a box and click “shorten” and you’ll get a short link that you can use in your tweet.

6. Twitterfeed, for blogs. If you have a blog, you might be interested in twitterfeed. This is a website where you can register your blog or blogs, and whenver you make a post it will automatically update twitter. If works off your RSS feed and checks once an hour to see if there are any new posts out there. You can set this up at – free!

7. Register your twitter username at In your profile, you can enter your twitter info, and when one of your articles gets approved it will automatically send out a tweet. This is good, because sometimes by the time it gets approved you’ll forget to post it on twitter.

Well there are 7 easy ways to increase your presence on the internet by using the power of twitter and a few simple, free tools. Take advantage today, and happy tweeting!

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