Using Lighting in Kitchen Remodeling

by John Bakers

Remodeling the kitchen is a pretty big task. You should tackle one thing at a time in order to make the transition smooth and to cut down on the stress and strain of the remodeling process. When you begin to remodel the counter tops you will need to take a lot of things into consideration to get the job done right. Depending on the current condition of the existing countertops you may need to put in all new countertops or just refinish the existing ones. When it comes to laminated counter tops, dealing with glue can be a hassle, but it is easier if you how to deal with it.

The Easiest Solution

The easiest way to remodel kitchen countertops is to completely install new ones. However, if your existing counter tops are in good shape then it could be more budget friendly to use them and just update them. How do you decide? Just use your own judgment, look at costs and examine what you already have. If the basic structure and condition of them are fine then use them. However, if you have a laminate top you might decide the time involved is too much and decide to replace. Take your budget and time into consideration, too.

Removing old laminate tops involves using special solvent to loosen the glue. You have to be especially careful not to gouge the wood during the removal process. After you have the tops off you will need to smooth out the surface. If you just need to refinish wooden tops then go ahead and remove the old finish and apply the new finish.

If you decide that replacing is the best option then you start by removing the old countertop. You will need to loosen it and pull it off. You will also need to clean the area and sand it down to ensure it is level.


The type of surface you use to replace your countertops is purely your choice and will be based upon your budget and taste in matching your kitchen cupboards designs. The home improvement stores offer many options. You can get pre-made counter tops that come cut and ready to install. This is going to be the least time consuming choice. If you want a richer look then go for granite or stone. Be aware, though, these are heavy, hard to work with and quite expensive. You will almost always want to order these pre-cut, so measuring for fit is very important and must be accurate.

Enhancing the Finished Job

To enhance your newly installed counter tops you should consider some track lighting. These specially placed and focused lights can really add a charm to your new counter tops. You can easily find a variety of styles that will work with your kitchen. While you are installing the counter tops, installing some lighting fixtures is a simple task that will not add much time to the job, but will add a lot to the final look.

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