Wall Decals Are Easy To Put Up

The wall decals are decorative designs and phrases made from vinyl that adhere directly to the wall and offer a lovely addition to your home’s dcor. There are many options for you to think about when you want to add a decal to room in your house in order to introduce a new look to the dcor; take your time to find decals that really fit your personal taste. One of the considerable advantages of using adhesive vinyl decals is that they do not damage your walls in any way; this is in stark contrast to most wall art, such as frames and hanging dcor, which can strip paint and leave big holes in the wall. The following instructions for installing vinyl decals with transfer tape can help you put them up quickly and easily.

Your wall’s surface must be clean and dry for the adhesive that wall decals use to function properly; if they are not clean you could experience some problems. The adhesive bond cannot form properly between the wall and the decal if there are any paint flakes or dust particles in the way. Decals can be put on any surface as long as it is clean and dry including glass, concrete, wood, and metal. Keep in mind that decals do not attach uniformly to recently painted walls so wait two weeks after painting is completed to put up decals.

Transfer tape is attached to wall decals in their packaging and is a very easy method to adhere them to the wall. Locate a smooth surface and set the decal there so that you can ensure that the transfer tape is totally in contact with the vinyl; do this by running a credit card along the tape and decal. Next, draw a few guide lines and marks on the wall where you will place the decal so that you can position it without difficulty.

As you press on the decal, be sure it is aligned properly and press it against the wall firmly using a credit card or your hand. Go over the whole surface to ensure that there are no air bubbles beneath the vinyl.

Finally, you can take a step back and delight in the fantastic new look of your dcor. If you like these decorations and would like to find more wall decals, you can find the best variety and the lowest prices at online stores.

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